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Anything you need to know about me is in my userinfo. And whatever isn't there that you may want to know can be found in my entries. So if we've got a thing or two in common, feel free to add me. Make sure you comment though, just so I know you added me and then I can add you back a bit faster. That being said, I'll add pretty much anyone, so don't be afraid to ask. Also, I update a lot. It's not that my life is all that interesting, I just get bored.

However, I'm a bit reluctant to add people I know in real life, particularly those that I'm very close with. I just like having my own space away from real life, you know? Anyway, if you just know who I am through something, but we're not exceptionally close AND we have multiple fandoms in common, you can try and I just might add you.

One other thing. If you found me through my fanfic, it's fine if you want to add me here, BUT I don't post my fanfic here. Well, I post links to my fanfic, but the actual entries will be at my writing journal, so feel free to add that one too! dramaticscarf
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